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Claws n Paws is a proud member of:
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Just For Pets
PO Box 150
Suffolk Park, New South Wales
210 Canterbury Rd, Bayswater North P:03 9036 1729
We are proud to have just added some new brands and lines to the store including:

  • AFL dog tags, earrings, charm and footy boot keyrings.
  • Colopet Japanese lint rollers. We currently are the only store in Australia to have these amazing pet hair removers and now have varieties for the car, purse and home including floor rollers.
  • Huds and Toke gourmet Aussie made treats including Xmas,birthday cakes, peanut butter cups, glazed biscuits and a swag of others, even a treat for your chooks
  • GigWi dog and cat  toys. They offer excellent colours, textures and features that your pet will love.
  • 30 New Kong toys added to our extensive Kong solution Centre along with a full range of Kong cat toys.
  • Dudley Cartwright Goat horns. Durable and super tasty (apparently)

Did you know that the backyard chook is Australia’s fastest growing pet?  We are pleased to offer baby hens and point of lay birds in-store including  Isa browns who are all laying beautiful eggs daily. Chickens make wonderful pets and not only provide you with fresh eggs but offer a great way to up-cycle your kitchen scraps, the manure is also wonderful for your compost. We offer a full range of accessories and coops and advice to help get you on your way to enjoying fresh eggs.










Claws ‘n’ Paws are a proud Member of

Just For Pets PO Box 150 Suffolk Park, New South Wales Australia 2481

Keep an eye on your members email or instore for current specials

Claws ‘n’ Paws are a proud Member of