Green Valley Open Range Poultry Mix 20kg


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Green Valley Open Range Poultry Mix 20kg

open range poultry mix is 100% NATURAL  /  FREE RANGE  /  GMO-FREE

Having a small backyard flock of chickens is a growing trend in Australia and it is not just people living in the country who enjoy raising chickens. As More and more people living in more urban areas are enjoying the benefits of backyard chickens. So whats a great feed and one you can raise your chickens on? Green Valley Grains has a complete range of Poultry feeds – and there’s one to suit all age groups and dietary needs.  Our range is animal product free, medication free, plant based, and as close to natural as we can make.   Green Valley Open Range Poultry Mix 20kg

Highly palatable blend of grains that are nutritionally balanced and mixed to meet the energy, protein, fat and fibre requirement for optimal egg production and quality. Suitable from 18 weeks of age (point of lay) and Best fed with access to free ranging and foraging.

Green Valley Open Range Poultry mix 20kg offers value for money in a convenient size.


Black Sunflower, sorghum, wheat, cracked lupins or cracked peas, cracked maize, triticle, lucerne chaff, shell grit, oil/molasses




Australian Family-Owned Business

At Green Valley Grains, we understand that your pets and animals are a really important part of your life. What’s more You’ll ensure that they are as happy and healthy as possible.

The Green Valley range is designed to deliver nutritionally superior and consistent products that fully support overall animal health and well-being.

Green Valley Grains products start with quality feed sources. Your chickens will love the nutritional balance and produce beautiful eggs.   We pride ourselves on being sustainably sensitive. Using only quality, Aussie-grown ingredients and proudly supporting hard-working Aussie farmers by taking a responsible approach to procuring ingredients.

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