Bill was the original nutritionist behind Meals for Mutts, a brand with a loyal following that has proven great for dogs with allergies or intolerances. We commended Bill in one of our early articles when he responded to a customer’s questions with such consideration and depth it really showed how customer service could be. You can read Bill’s response here.

Bill left Meals for Mutts last year when they switched production to Hypro Pet Care, and their loss is our gain with Bill’s new food LifeWise. Let’s take a look at the Chicken with Turkey Grain Free formula…

About the Ingredients

The first ingredients, as you would expect from the name, are chicken and turkey, and a further plus is the poultry is barn raised. Many other brands have meat in the title and pictures of succulent meat on the packaging, but if you look closely at the ingredients you’ll find those meats rather scant, even with expensive “premium” and prescription foods. This food boasts a respectable 30% protein and 20% fat, which assures us there’s a significant amount of meat and fat in the food. The third ingredient is chicken fat, and it’s really nice to see this come before any non-meat ingredients.

We find a range of vegetables and legumes, each with individual merit. Peaschickpeaslentils, and sweet lupins offer a range of natural vitamins and minerals, protein, carbohydrates, and fibre. It’s nice to see a mix compared to many grain free foods which seem to be meat/peas/potato. We also find carrotsspinachparsley, and kelp, to really balance out the nutrients in the food.

As a dry food it’s hard to fault. It feels very well considered and balanced, and for those who’ve found success on Meals for Mutts this is definitely worth considering.

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