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Green Valley Parrot Mix

Green Valley Parrot 20kgGreen Valley Parrot Mix is a seed and grain mix packed with sunflower seeds and other quality ingredients your parrot will love.



Barley, Oats, Grey Sunflower, Whole Maize, Sorghum, Safflower, Wheat, Vegetable Oil.



Feeding Tips from Green Valley Grains:

  • Pet birds are often supplied with a limited variety of foods compared to what they might have access to in the wild. It is important to provide a varied and balanced diet in suitable amounts, and to offer this food in a way that mimics natural feeding habits.
  • Ensure you are providing an adequate supply of suitable foods for your species of bird.
  • Provide a varied diet – including both high-quality commercial foods and seed mixes, as well as some natural foods such as fresh fruit, vegetables, seeding grasses, native flowers, etc. that are suitable and safe for your particular bird species.
  • When providing food to birds, it should be fresh, clean, and stored appropriately.
  • Fresh, clean water should be available at all times.
  • Giving your bird access to a cuttlefish bone in their cage will provide important minerals. Mixed grit and a source of calcium should also be available for bird species that require them.

For more information visit the Green Valley Grains website.

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