Drontal Allwormer Chews

Product Description

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Drontal Allwormer Chews

Drontal Allwormer Chews 10kg 2 pack

Drontal Allwormer Chews protect your dog from all intestinal worms with a 3 monthly chew.

Drontal Chews treat and control roundworms, hookworms, whipworm and tapeworms.

It is available in sizes to treat 10kg and 35kg of bodyweight per chew.

Dosage of Allwormer Chews:

For 10kg Chews

Bodyweight No. of Chews
3.1-5kg 0.5
5.1-10kg 1
10.1-15kg 1.5
15.1-20kg 2
20kg+ 1 chew for every 10kg bodyweight, rounding to the nearest half chew.


For 35kg Chews

Bodyweight No. of Chews
20.1-35kg 1
35.1-52kg 1.5
52.1-70kg 2
70.1-87kg 2.5
87kg+ 3