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Deer Antler

There are roughly sixty breeds of deer in the world. The one thing they all have in common is the ability for male deer to produce antler each year.The growth of antler is a natural occurrence that is part of the normal cycle of life and the shedding of antler occurs with no harm coming to the animal.
Antler grows at a very fast rate and is accompanied by a layer of what’s called velvet during the growth period. After the velvet has been worn off the antler then hardens further and takes on the qualities that makes it a tasty treat for dogs.
The reason for dogs liking antler is what’s inside. The outer layer is a bone like material while the inner fibrous part is a form of dry marrow which dogs love. Most importantly the bone and the marrow contain calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, potassium, and phosphorous as well as a very low level of fat being less than 1%.
Aside from the healthy aspects of what’s in antler, they also make for a fun treat for dogs just to chew on. Some breeds of dog which are known to like to chew find antler particularly interesting as the bone part is long wearing and helps clean their teeth. The long wearing nature also makes antler a great addition to a dogs diet without the problems of having to give your pet a new one each day. And add to that the extremely low fat content and you have an ideal treat for your pet.
Finally, the one thing you must remember when giving your pet antler is to manage its consumption. Some dogs will happily chew on antler all day if given the chance and this habit needs to be controlled. Also, always ensure you get the right size of antler for your dog and when the antler has been chewed down remove it and provide a new piece. Like any treat or toy, antler can become a choking hazard if a piece becomes too small.
To aid in the selection of antler for your dog we have provided a rough guide as to which size to select. Don’t forget there are a two types of antler treats to choose from. Whole and split. For dogs who are lazy chewers you might like to consider split antler as the marrow centre is easier to get at. If your dog is a veracious chewer maybe a whole piece might suit. Please ensure you get one big enough to suit your breed, size and age of dog
Antler Treat Size Guide
Small Antler Treat / Average length 13 cm
Suits breeds weighing 2 kg to 8 kg
 Medium Antler Treat / Average length 15 cm
Suits breeds weighing 8 kg to 16 kg
Large Antler Treat / Average length 17 cm
Suits breeds weighing 16 kg to 24 kg
XL Antler Treat / Average length 21 cm
Suits breeds weighing 24kg to 40 kg
Jumbo Antler Treat / Average length 26 cm +
Suits breeds weighing  40kg +

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