Blackdog Wear Treat Pouch Regular


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Blackdog Wear Treat Pouch Regular Black

Blackdog Wear Treat Pouch Regular BlackBlackdog Wear Treat Pouch Regular is for holding food & treats while training. The spring open mouth makes it easy to get your dog’s favourite rewards quickly and without fumbling. Once you’re done, you can spring the pouch closed with just one finger. This helps keep treats secure while you are moving around.

Belt length adjustable from 85 cm to 140 cm

The Regular Pouch is 18cm wide and 15 cm deep, so it’s easy to access. The inner material is coated and easy to clean. A separate internal Sock is also available.

The pouch has a waist belt attached, it has 2 mesh pockets on the front – for holding a training clicker, or plastic bags to pick up after your dog, etc and a D Ring on the front to hold a snub lead, keys, or whatever you choose to clip on.

The Spring Closure mechanism on these Treat Pouches was never designed to work without any lubrication, so make sure you lubricate the hinge ends on your new pouch with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and lubricate regularly to ensure the pouch operates smoothly and has a long life. Most of the problem hinges Blackdog Wear see have never been lubricated.