Blackdog Wear Training Halter



Product Description

Blackdog Wear Training Halter

Blackdog Wear Training Head Halter Small Claws n Paws Pet SuppliesBlackdog Wear Training Halter is a classic style halter (classic because it connects to the lead under the dog’s jaw) and has been the Halter of choice for trainers for many years.

The dynamic design allows the Halter to move as the dog moves, leaving the Nose Bridge strap to sit comfortably in the same position, this means it doesn’t tend to ride up close to the dog’s eyes and the dog is more content while wearing the Halter.
Fitting is simple…

  • Adjust the Neck Strap to fit (a tight, snug fit high on the neck is best). Take the Halter off again.
  • Slide the Nose Strap over the dog’s muzzle (reward the dog with a little treat to ease any concerns).
  • Buckle the Neck Strap.
  • Pull down on the Lead Ring (this adjusts the Training Halter to fit the dog’s face).
  • Slide the cord lock to about 1cm below the D Ring under the dog’s throat
  • Attach a lead, and your dog is ready to go.


Reward your dog, when introducing it to the Halter andthroughout the first week, particularly when you first fit theHalter and as your dog works well on lead.

Measuring your dog for a Training Halter


You could guess the size, but it would be like buying an expensive outfit without even trying it on, so here is info on how to get the best fit for your dog.

The Noseband and Cords on the Training Halter allow for a large adjustment, so we base the sizing on a dog’s neck measurement

Use a soft tape measure place it around your dog’s neck up close behind the ears, this is where the neck strap should fit and take a snug to tight neck measurement.

Available Colours:

Black, Orange, Purple, Pink, Green, Red, Blue. Please put your chosen colour in the order notes or give us a call to check which colours are in stock.

Important: If your dog fits between 2 sizes, generally select the smaller size,

UNLESS you are fitting a growing dog in which case you might go for the larger size to allow for future growth.


Check your dog’s neck measurement against the chart below, to select the appropriate size.

Training Halter Size Min (cm) to Max (cm)
Mini  (Neck Adjustment) 20 (cm) to 35 (cm)
Small  (Neck Adjustment) 27 (cm) to 37 (cm)
Medium  (Neck Adjustment) 35 (cm) to 52 (cm)
Large  (Neck Adjustment) 50 (cm) to 73 (cm)


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