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We Have moved
After 6 years in our current location it was time for us to move. Whilst Our new home at 165 Canterbury rd, Kilsyth is smaller, it offers excellent parking and other opportunities that we can’t currently enjoy.



We are proudly an independently owned and operated family business in Kilsyth. Our aim is to provide excellent customer service and pet knowledge for every customer and their pets. As a pet specialty retailer we offer an extensive range of products, a wealth of knowledge and fantastic pricing.

We have over 2000 lines of quality pet products, accessories and food in store. If we do not have the product in store we are more than happy to research the products availability and cost for you.
As a proud member of the Just for Pets buying group, you can be assured that we can bring you more savings through every day low prices and fantastic specials.

Pet Health Centre

How can you be sure what’s best for your pet? Ask our experts!

Because we love nothing more than to help keep pets healthy and happy, we’re offering a FREE 6-point Pet Health Check* to help you understand your pet’s needs and answer any niggling questions.

Our pet experts will check 6 important areas of your pet’s health:

  1. Nutrition and Weight
  2. Dental Health
  3. Skin & Coat
  4. Joint Mobility
  5. Parasites (worms, ticks and fleas)
  6. Behaviour

You will leave feeling confident that your pet is on the right track and know if you should seek further veterinary assistance.

        How does it work?

  • Bring your pet into our store for a health check. You can phone ahead to make an appointment or just come into the store.
  • We will check six vital areas of your pet’s health and explain to you what you really need, based on your pet’s breed, gender and age.
  • We have a reliable, caring local independent vet we can recommend should your pet need further assistance.
  • If we need to monitor your pet’s improvement, you can return to the Pet Health Centre as needed. Free!

        Why not bring along your kids?

  • Our Pet Health Check is a fun learning experience that helps kids understand animals and develop responsibility for their pet’s wellbeing.


  •  Do the best you can for your pet! Come and see us today.*Terms and Conditions apply.


Grooming 6 days per week, Monday-Saturday!  Bookings Essential

Kilsyth (03) 9036 1729

Check out our Grooming pricing & details

In-store DIY Doggy Wash ONLY $5 per dog – Unlimited time plus this includes shampoo and blow dryer!!

Nail Clipping $10

Kilsyth Now Open!!

Current Magazine

Our latest catalogue is free to members and in-store now! whilst stocks last.

Cat Adoptions

Since 2013 we  have helped adopt out hundreds of cats in-store via Animal Aid Shelter. Be sure to consider adoption as the first option when trying to find your next pet.  WE currently don’t have enough room to continue adoptions but strongly encourage adoption as the first option when considering a furry addition to your family!



Did you know that the backyard chook is Australia’s fastest growing pet?  We are pleased to offer isa brown point of lay Hens. Chickens make wonderful pets and not only provide you with fresh eggs but offer a great way to upcycle your kitchen scraps, the manure is also wonderful for your compost. We offer a full range of accessories and coops and advice to help get you on your way to enjoying fresh eggs.



Do you own a working dog breed and want to try something different to inspire them?

Local Working dog whisperer Charlie Brincat opens up his Kilsyth property on Sundays @ 10am to allow you dog to heard sheep in a controlled environment. No experience is necessary as he will guide you through helping assist your dog do what he already knows instinctively. This is a low cost program that will help give your intelligent breed the enrichment that they deserve and need. The most suitable breeds include Kelpies, Border Collies, Coolies, Aussie Shepherds, Healers and other breeds from the herding Dog Class.

Give him a call on 0409538536  or visit his Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/events/herdingfor beginners

How you can help reduce pet abandonment? Reducing pet abandonment is as easy as 1, 2, 3……..

1. Desex your pet – Desexed pets means fewer accidental litters, feral animals and strays.

2. Microchip your pet – If you are separated, your furry friend can be returned to you.

3. Get help! – If you’re having difficulty choosing the right pet for you, continuing to care for a pet you already have or you find an abandoned animal, speak to your local Just For Pets pet experts. They know how to help.

Help spread the word to reduce pet abandonment in Australia

 More adoptions available at: